Gene Pierson (Giancarlo Salvestrin) 4 Top - 1970

Gene Pierson's 4 Top

A “Groove" exclusive from Dalvanius Prime, of the Fascinations, in Sydney.

Currently on tour Australia-wide is our own Gene Pierson; he is promoting his single “Reach out, I’ll be there” and billed with the fabulous 4 Tops who originally recorded the number. Sydney’s Festival Manager, Mr Barlow, told me Festival Records Australia are behind Gene 100 per cent. Although notapotential hit-maker while in New Zealand, Pierson is fast becoming the trend-setter go-getter on the Sydney pop scene. Chalking up three big successes in N.Z., Gene returned to Australia after a suc- cessful run as resident “C’mon” star for Auckland TV. Now that “Reach out" is climbing the charts, Gene is very busy doing cabaret, dance, radio and TV work. His Aus- tralian TV credits to date are “Blindate", “Uptight”, “Happening '70” and “Late Show”. At present Gene is leading a hectic life. Besides being a pop idol, he models fashions, records and is Public Relations Officer for Aus- tralia’s Exclusive Nightclub-Chequers. PhilSmiles,Gene’s new manager, has a full schedule lined through to 1971. Early next year Gene leaves on a tour to Europe, recording in Italy and TV, radio and live appearances in Hamburg. Later he flies to London.

Pierson, himself of Swiss orientation, recently was guest star of ZSM’s Easter Show Pavilion and caused a riot. Wherever he appears today his audiences are en- thralled by his magnetism. At a recent pop spectacular Pierson outshone the show’s special star, Russell Morris, receiving ovations from a hysterical covey of pop lovers.

It’s a pity Festival Records of N.Z. have barred Gene’s single from release because of his previous sales record. However, the original record ran for 11 minutes, was recorded in one take and features a top N.Z. group playing background music. The record reached No. 2 in Hobart and is rapidly rising the charts in other states. The 4 Tops sold 2-million copies of “Reach out, I’ll be there” in the States; although Gene’s version is more progressive, it is well on the way to becoming a big seller for Festival. Just released is Australia is an album featuring Blue Mink, Mark Lindsay, Oliver, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and our Gene. This again proves New Zealand’s supremacy on the Australasian pop scene.