Gene Pierson (Giancarlo Salvestrin) Qantas tour 1971

Gene off overseas

Soundblast March 11 1971

Gene Pierson, Sydney pop singer and publicity man for Sydney Bistros (the Chequers and Whisky a Go Go people) is off overseas.

He has left with photographer Philip Morris for an eight-month world tour which will take in the U.S., Britain, Europe and countries behind the Iron Curtain.

Gene and Phil will be meeting many of the biggest names in the pop world including Elvis Presley, they hope - during their Qantas tour, and they’ll be’ sending back reports to SOUNDBLAST.

Gene leaves at a time when his new record, “See My Way”, has just been released on the Infinity label.

Flip side is yet another version of “Teach Me How To Fly”, currently a big one for Geoff St John and Copperwine.

This was intended as the “A” side, when Gene recorded it eight months back, but release was delayed and Copperwine got in first - so it was relegated to the flip. Tough - for it’s a better track than “See My Way” - but that’s the way it is in the Top 40 game.