Gene Pierson (Giancarlo Salvestrin) Zodiac Phillips records - 1969

Gene Pierson

In l969 Gene Pierson, 22 year old Swiss born ex-Australian, returned to Australia from New Zealand and, with chart smashes such as “I Ain't No Miracle Worker", “Reach Out” and “See My Way", he soon emerged as one of the top performers on the Australian pop scene.

It was about six years ago that Gene left Australia for Auckland where he has since become the top recording star in New Zealand. He made his first appearance for Radio Hauraki at the 1480 Village and was immediately signed to an exclusive two year contract with Zodiac Phillips records.

His first record “Love, Love, Love" was an instant success — making the No. 2 spot on the New Zealand Top 20 charts and entering the ZUW charts in Sydney. His next three records followed the same pattern.

Gene has toured New Zealand extensively, appeared on every television, radio and pop concert hall in the country. His fan club has a membership in excess of l,000 — this in itself is a great feat when considering the small population.

Gene spends most of his spare time modelling clothes, learning drama, writing columns in teen papers and taking a great interest in Metaphysics and Yoga.

At one stage Gene had journalistic ambitions and later developed a strong interest in drama. However he rapidly found himself becoming well established in the pop field and decided to apply himself fully in this direction. Perhaps after another few years he may again revert to his earlier ambitions.

One of the greatest moments of Gene's career to date was when he was chosen to appear in concert at the Sydney Stadium with the Four Tops during their recent visit to Australia.

Gene has also appeared at many of Australia's top discotheques, dances, etc. and has made quite a number of television appearances. This has set him on ‘the way to becoming one of the big names of the Australian entertainment world.