Gene Pierson - The Sun Herald Feb 14, 1971

Gene has big plans

IF I don’t become a film producer," I'll become a Prime Minister. After all, it's all to do with acting!

Not a very modest statement, but Gene Pierson

knows what he wants and is not afraid of statingit.

He has big plans for himself, and doesn't in tend to stay at his present image of pop singer.

With this in mind, he is leaving on Wednesday for a six-month world promotional and educational trip.

He will be looking for new material for himself (“financial3_ reasons”) and new artists to appear for Sydney bistros.

As well, he wants to spend three months in

Rome where the big films are made - “Hollywood is a has-been” - to learn about film production.

To go with his new plans, he has a new image, and has shaved his moustache and had a haircut.

His new singles will be released while he is away.

“But they’re all copies. I don’t do anything original at the moment. If you spend a long time putting something original down, no one likes it.”

Gene is only one of the people in the pop scene who feels that a change has to, and will, take place.